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Brooklyn's New Delhi Monkey Man showcases the twisted, poppy songwriting of its frontman and guitarist Lee Chabowski. The band coalesced out of the East Village music scene where Lee and fellow members Gary Langol (bass) and Chris Moore (drums) met in the late 1990s. The band is releasing its first full-length recording, Vee Have Vays of Making You Rock, in early 2005.

Lee, whose songs have been lauded in magazines, fanzines and newspapers coast to coast, formed Rochester, New York's pop giant Dog's Life in 1986. Eight years of packed houses followed along with two full-length records, including 1993's Queenie Gots a Pinworm, praised by Billboard magazine. Prior to forming Dog's Life, Lee shared principle songwriting duties for the popular but controversial Rochester band The Resisters, whose 1985 release Slutrock was vilified in the press and adored by fans.

After moving to New York City in 1996, Lee spent four years performing solo and released his only solo album, Drinky Poo, in 1998, described by Pop Culture Press as having "lots of hooks, good guitars and very twisted lyrics."

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