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Miché Fambro set off from his home in Philadelphia as a teen to tour the East as guitarist for a lounge cover band, a job he landed because of his ability to improvise every song his would-be employers requested of him. This tour landed him in Geneseo, New York, a college town that became Miché's new home after he fell out with his employers and refused to ride back to Philadelphia with them. Not long after, Miché formed his first original band, The Deserters. With his strong vocal delivery, left-handed and upside-down guitar technique and energized theatrics, Miché mesmerized dancers and guitar-heads alike. Although short-lived, The Deserters set the stage for Miché's next band, Miché and the Anglos, formed in 1985. Miché expanded his fan base at this point with an updated sound that included synthesizers over layered guitars and driving rhythms. Miché and the Anglos released two recordings, a self-titled E.P. in 1986 and 1987's Can You Hear Colors?

Following the demise of the Anglos in the late 1980s, Miché developed his skills on the nylon string guitar and began a series of North American tours that continue to the present. In 1995, Miché released his first solo recording, Chapel Sessions, which showcases his percussive guitar technique and melodic vocal delivery. This new direction opened new doors for Miché, with Rolling Stone and Dirty Linen taking note and jazz and folk enthusiasts joining his growing stable of fans. In 1999, Miché released My Canvas. Miché is back in the studio working on a project that will feature both band and solo formats.

In addition to his solo work, Miché also collaborates with other musicians, including Living Color's Vernon Reid.

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