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In 1981, Chris Moore helped birth the American hardcore scene as the drummer for legendary Detroit quartet Negative Approach. The band's bruising brand of punk is a world away from the mature songcraft Chris now creates. After the break-up of Negative Approach, which continues selling many records and CDs through Chicago's Touch and Go label, Chris and fellow punk scenester Bud Burcar formed Crossed Wire. From the late '80s until the mid-'90s, Crossed Wire built a strong following around the Midwest and East coast and released four records.

Unlike nearly all of his contemporaries, Chris did not burn out or fade into irrelevant obscurity. Instead, he honed his songwriting skills, developing a rootsy midwestern style. Chris has never stopped performing ("I took a three month break once," he recalls), sharing the stage with artists as diverse as Mark Eitzel, Bad Brains, Tori Amos, and Black Flag, while continually touring solo at small clubs and cafés in New York City, the Northeast and Midwest. Despite years of working beneath mainstream rock's radar, there has always been plenty of acclaim for Chris. Rock critics gush whenever Chris's work is "discovered" ("Perhaps the singularly most uninhibited and powerful rock tracks I've heard all year," music journalist Jeffrey Castelaz once wrote) and for years he maintained a virtual lock on the annual "Best Songwriting" prize awarded by his hometown newspaper, The Metro Times of Detroit. Chris's songs have also appeared in film, including 1995's Sleep With Me starring Eric Stolz.

Within a year of moving to New York City in the mid-'90s, Chris was honored with BMI and ASCAP's prestigious Abe Oberlin songwriting scholarship. In August 2004, Chris released his fourth full-length CD entitled Figurines. Produced by Adam Druckman at Drawing Room Studios in Detroit and released on Portland, Oregon's Waterbug Records label, Figurines features fellow New York City musicians and friends Gary Langol, Mike Goodman, and Joe Quigley on a variety of instruments. This CD follows 1998's Outta State Plates, 1999's Near the Hive, and 2001's Joy & Abandon. Chris is back in the studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, recording yet another batch of originals with producer Mark Ephraim.

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